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Welcome to KeithConstruction.com where you can learn about the tools of the construction trade. We are currently highlighting rotary tools that you are likely to encounter on the job site. A rotary spiral cut saw, or cut tool is a kind of machine that is used for creating accurate cuts. In this way there is no need for a pile hole in the plywood or wallboard. RotoZip is another name used to describe this rotary saw tool since it was made by the Rotozip Tool Corp. This company was created by Bob Kopras, a US drywall installer that pioneered this saw. The company was then bought by the Bosch Tool Corp. in 2003.

The rotary saw tool has been created at first to make some cut-outs in the drywalls. Later on they discovered that it can be used for a lot of other materials.

Its design appears like a small wood router and has 1 handle for the single handed operations. Some say that it looks like a twist drill. It can also cut upward twists or cut downwards. The edge slices in every direction through a lot of materials.

Rotary SawThe basic rotary saw tools used as drywall tools have 1 speed. The depth guide acts like one base and rides against the drywall. Also, when you are using the spiral saw you can cut an electric box and plunge into the wall to find the electric box and its edge. The box can work as a template that guides the saw. There are a lot of attachments that can be used for this spiral saw. You can add the circle guide to the basic cutout and in this way you will be able to cut some perfect circles. Then you can snap the circle guide on the base and then place it at the point of the guide on the center of that circle. Then turn that rotary saw tool and follow the guide. It is very easy and quite precise.

Rotozip Spiral Saws

These types of spirals use rotary spinning motion in order to make some precise cuts in a wide variety of materials. For example, you can cut the ceramic walls and drywalls. The RotoZip has invented the Spiral saw concept in order to give the professional people a way to make precise, quick and clean cuts in the drywall. The company added a lot of new accessories in order to help the job. There are a lot of attachments as well. The RotoZip Spiral Saw System has a lot of accessories and tools engineered to last a lot of time. They can be used by residential building professionals, plumbers, remodelers, electricians, HVAC installers, and a lot of people from the field of residential construction.

RotoZip offers a nice line of Spiral Saw tools. There are a lot of targeted kits that work on various materials. These accessories are split in the following groups:

XBITS – the Contractor Rated, the High Performance bits for the professional use

XWHEELS – the Contractor Rated, the High Performance cut-off wheels also for the professional use.

ZipBits – original Spiral Saw accessory line on various materials

ZipWheels – Cut-off Wheels to be used with the ZipMate attachment. These are used to cut masonry, metal, or very hard materials like floor tile.

Spiral Saw attachments allow the users to fully benefit from their tools, without problems. These kits will improve results and efficiency. Also, the Jigsaw handle attachment will give the tool a lot of control, stability, and precision when one is working in various materials.