Rotary Saw Blades

The diamond circular blades can be used for a lot of applications. The prices can vary from one model to another, depending on the layers used and also the number of the diamond segments. The choice of blades depends a lot on the kind of material you want to cut.

The Construction

Diamond blades are made with pressing metal and welding to the rim of the plate made of steel. The bonding process allows these materials to mix together at high temperatures.

The Types

Rotary Saw Blades3 types of basic diamond saw blades exist there. Every type is made for a different type of material. These blades are placed in a continuous rim, a segmented rim or a smooth rim. The continuous rim comes with ridges that go all the way to the outer part of the blade. This version does not come with a separate teeth in the blade. The continuous rim comes with no grooves. The segmented diamond blade comes with no sharp teeth. Still it has some spaces that are cut out of that edge so it might appear to have some teeth.

How does a Diamond Blade Work?

The metal and the diamonds in the blades will grind through the material surface. The grinding action will make it appear like the blade is using teeth to cut through the metal. It is not cutting continuously. When the old diamonds are used the new diamonds will take over. In this way the blade will be sharp every time.


Diamond blades can cut a lot of materials like marble, concrete, granite, brick and other kinds of stones. There are a lot of blades that can be used with water or some to cut dry. The diamond blades are very precise with cutting small pieces.


When you are buying these blades consider first the material that you will be using the blades on. The harder the matrix of the diamond is, the harder it will be for it to wear off. In this way the blade will be able to cut through softer or harder materials. Keep in mind that the diamonds on the blade can wear off pretty fast.

You should know that the blade teeth are of 2 types: carbide and tool steel. The carbide teeth are usually harder and they can hold the sharp edges for a longer time in comparison to the other ones.

Band saw blade

The straight blade gets welded into a circle. This can be used mostly at sawmills. The circular ones produce less waste.


In woodworking, the cut made in a right angle is named like this. Usually to do this you need a crosscut saw.

Rip cut

This term is used in woodworking, and describes the cut made parallel on the direction of the grain. You can do that with a rip


This is a circular saw blade that has many small teeth perfectly created to cut plywood with some minimal splintering.

Dado blade

This is a circular blade that can help you make wide grooved cuts in the wood. They differ in width. The adjustable dado uses a movable locking mechanism which is most helpful. It causes the wobble to go sideways more or less. In this way you will be very efficient in your cutting.