Diamond Rotary Saw

The diamond rotary saw is a tool that has diamond grains and it is used for cutting. This tool has natural or synthetic diamonds in various shapes and sizes. The diamonds are quite hard and suitable for cutting the high abrasive materials like natural stones, concrete and ceramics. The bond material can be made of resin, ceramic or metal. The materials made from metal get mixed with diamond grains that form diamond segments. These segments are cold-pressed and then welded. The welded pieces are pressed on a tool holder or backing plate. This fits the various types of machines.

Besides using these bond materials, there are a lot of methods that can be used to fix the grains of diamonds. The methods include CVD, electroplating, sintering micro size diamonds at high pressure and high temperatures. They combine the PCD layers with cemented carbide liner. In this way the PDC is formed. The segments of diamond are sintered with diamond grit that is mixed with a metal powder and that powder is blended to make the right allow. This alloy will wear according to its use of the finished diamond tool. The metal bonded diamond tools use bond as the prime factors when the selecting tools to be used in cutting and then grinding.

Diamond Rotary SawThe used bond is the one that decides the rate of the metallic powders that are exposed and also the surface to maintain. The strength of the bonds is achieved by metallic powders and also the pressure and the heat used. The hard bonds are mostly used for soft materials and the soft bonds are used on hard materials.

This may seem a bit illogical but this is because the particles of material that are cut or polished provide the wear off medium that dissipates the bond exposed to that diamond grit. The grit is not won out but lost when that bond is released. The more particles there are, the more wear on the material.

Also, when one is cutting the hard materials, the blade that has a soft bond will be much needed. The bonded metal powders the segment and the teeth of the blade will wear off much faster. So, in order to cut a material that is soft abrasive like you have to add green concrete and use a diamond blade with hard bond. In this way you will not put that blade to waste.

Chainsaws for stone, brick and concrete

The special chainsaws used to cut the brick, concrete and the natural stone use chains with cutting edges that are full of diamond grit. These are hydraulically driven and they can also be lubricated with water. This is to remove the dust and to avoid the high friction. This machine can be used in construction or in cutting the square holes in floors or walls. They are used to remove the large chunks of stones. The material is non fibrous and this means a smaller chance of having a kickback. There are a lot of methods to cut these materials and one of the most used is by pushing the tip of the blade in the material. This method cuts small pieces and can be very precise. The machine is efficient and less dangerous than the other ones used for the same purpose.